CleanAbout CrossFit Decisions

We believe that fitness is achieved by making smart, disciplined decisions throughout every day. It isn’t an overnight fix, it is a continuous and consistent pattern of well-made decisions that makes progress happen.

Dave CastroOur front door will always be open for you and your family. So come in and see and our operation. We will always here to help you.

We are a gym where everyone will receive proper and correct attention so you will succeed. We believe in proper technique that teaches form, strength, endurance, and confidence.

Make the decision to join us in working together to work, compete and improve every day!

There are a thousand gyms where you can workout. At CrossFit Decisions, you can define who you are.

Do you want to get physically stronger? Come here.
Do you want to get mentally stronger? Come here.
Faster? Leaner? Healthier? All here.
Fun? Laughter? Tears? Share here.
We believe in you.
Don’t be afraid of who you can become.
No matter your background, we know you can do big things.
Become a product of your Decisions. Come workout with us.