steveSteven Bozeman
Owner & Head Trainer

Athletics has been a part of Steve’s life from a very early age. As a certified personal trainer, Steve enjoyed the opportunity to help others work towards their personal goals, but missed the team-oriented sense of community that he had enjoyed growing up in sports.

In 2012, Steve was introduced to CrossFit and discovered both a methodology and a community that would change his outlook on fitness training forever. After gaining valuable experience as a CrossFit coach and athlete, he opened CrossFit Decisions.

Through this gym, he hopes to continue to build on that sense of community that first drew him to CrossFit. Open to athletes of all levels, Steve hopes that members will find a home and a sense of encouragement at CrossFit Decisions while working together to achieve their goals.

elizabethElizabeth Stancescu

Throughout high school, I was never highly athletic, and never on an organized sports team, preferring to exercise alone. That being said, I enjoyed running and only ever performed light, cursory strength training, forever aspiring to “get abs” without really knowing what I was doing. I did have a brush of experience with weightlifting in high school.

In 2012, I decided to complete a Tough Mudder course, and conned a few friends into joining me. In training for the Tough Mudder, I started to incorporate gymnastic movements into my exercise regimen and, realizing how much I enjoyed adding the gymnastic movements to my daily workouts, I tried out some various exercise programs, but quickly learned that I was not motivated enough to really build my fitness by myself.

I first tried out CrossFit in 2013, after hearing some friends talk about it and checking out a few boxes. I liked my initial experiences so much that I signed up and starting going to classes four to five times a week. I guess you could say I “drank the Kool-Aid” and began to love coming to CrossFit. After competing in my first two competitions and surprising myself by placing among the top ten both times, I decided to take my training more seriously.

With some encouragement from my coach and fellow athletes at the box, I earned the title of CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in 2015 with the hopes that I could be able to help others surprise themselves as well.

Coach BradBradley DeRoo

Coach Brad first discovered his passion for CrossFit in 2007 while working in Law Enforcement. He quickly realized that not only did it make him more capable within the confines of his career but allowed him to enjoy a more active and fulfilling lifestyle outside of work. Brad has continually pushed himself to better his fitness and eating habits and he loves to coach and encourage those around him to do the same. Brad received his Level 1 in May 2016 had been coaching his friends until he found CrossFit Decisions in October 2017 and was immediately welcomed into the family atmosphere and fantastic athletes that make up CrossFit Decisions!

Current Eating Habits: Tracking Macros
Favorite Lift: Power Clean!
Favorite WOD: Filthy 50 and Murph